Electrical Automation Control system in cement plant

 1. PLC integrated cement automation control technology system

In the cement plant, the logic control of the switchgear of cement electrical equipment is dominated, and most of the related analog processing operations are simply given and displayed, and the loop control is mostly simple single-loop control. The widespread use of PLC products provides prerequisites. PLC integrated electrification control system has a good switch processing capacity, flexible structure, can be automated control Information system to further upgrade to provide a broad space for development. Cement automation control technology mainly uses the equivalent server, etc., in the choice of the system mainly uses the industrial ethernet, which makes the automation control Information system is more flexible, the configuration is also easier to expand, therefore the performance is better PLC integrated cement automation control Information systemin the cement production line is very popular.


 2. Cement production line The design of substation mainly uses integrated electrical automation control Information system

In the cement production line substation design process, the general use of integrated electrical automation control system, all high-pressure control system of measurement, operation, etc. are done by the computer. In addition to being able to meet the communication requirements of the relevant power sector, the integrated electrical automation control system of the substation can effectively combine the control, monitoring and protection of the whole cement enterprise power equipment to realize the power and signal status of the substation And the switch status of the real-time display, signal status and action, the cumulative data related to the main transformer transformer substation voltage, current, temperature and other monitoring. Production line substation integrated electrical automation control system and the cement production process of the distribution control is closely linked, in the choice of centralized mode, you can in the centralized control room with the appropriate computer operating control system to achieve the motor closing operation and opening operation , Thus completing the effective control of the loop current.


3. Fieldbus automation control technology

The application of fieldbus automation control technology can make the design of the system more purpose, which is the important application of computer communication technology and digital technology in the field of cement electrical automation and control. It is an effective communication network between the bottom cement production equipment, Production equipment information and cement production plant of information integration to create a good communication platform conditions. The realization of fieldbus automation control method improves the accuracy, reliability and real-time performance of cement production control information communication. The fieldbus automation control technology system provides the information needed for fault diagnosis, information communication and control status for the control of cement electrical automation equipment, which greatly increases the handling of equipment maintenance and reduces the workload of workers, thus improving the efficiency of cement production The Fieldbus automation control technology not only saves production materials, improves the reliability of cement production, but also saves more installation costs, makes the configuration more flexible, saves a lot of investment, installation and maintenance of the workload, and then Reduce costs, improve the economic benefits of cement plant.

 4.Fully integrated cement automation control technology

The rapid development of network technology, information technology and fieldbus automation control technology has further extended the production management control, field control and process control of cement production, thus simplifying the structure of the automation control system and creating the premise of the large amount of interface components. Conditions, to achieve a unified information and communication, data management and configuration. As the structure of the server is different, the corresponding monitoring content will be different, the management system will inevitably exist some differences, which inevitably there will be operational errors. In addition, because the cement automation control technology network system is mainly to Ethernet as the system bus to complete the site, node connections and information flow, so any cement enterprise automation and control technology network structure must ensure that the system supervision, resulting in management, resulting in equipment control Between the data communication can be carried out smoothly. In the data processing, adding, finishing work after the end of each communication management equipment should be the appropriate network information communication settings, in order to coordinate the control system to provide the correct data.