How to ensure the quality of the slag pots

In the process of producing slag pots, CHAENG, a steel casting manufacturer, has always pursued the casting spirit of pursuing excellence. Before the production of the slag pot, CHAENG uses the CAE casting simulation software to digitally simulate the entire pouring process. Through the digital simulation, the forming process of the product is analyzed and the quality is tested, so as to optimize the process of the steel casting and reduce the scrap rate and production cost.

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In formal production, because the slag pot has a large shape and a thick wall, and the inner surface of the slag pot is required to be smooth, there is no convex and concave defect exceeding 5mm, and the T-rib connected to the pot body has no cracks, and the two side ears must be concentric and horizontal. The slag pot shall not have casting defects such as shrinkage holes, blow holes, and slag holes. Due to the difficulty of casting, the slag pot has relatively high process requirements, and the relevant operators also need to have certain processing experience.
When the slag pot comes out of the manufacturer, the manufacturer will tell you the matters needing attention in daily use. Before use, firstly ensure that there is no residual moisture in the slag pot to prevent explosion during the burning and cutting process; secondly, the slag pot must be placed flat, and the bottom should be padded with iron blocks. The factory also needs to organize a comprehensive inspection of the slag pot body and trunnion once a month to ensure that the slag pot has no quality problems.
For many years, CHAENG specializes in customizing cast steel slag pots of various specifications and types according to drawings. Our rich manufacturing experience, strong processing equipment and professional flaw detection system have laid the foundation for the production of high-quality slag pots. Welcome to consult online!