How to ensure vertical mill production line environmentally friendly

In order to comply with the current trend of low-carbon economic development, and to allow customers to more intuitively understand the strength of the chaeng, our company invested in the production of a 600,000-ton slag powder production demonstration line in 2011. The host equipment for the company's self-made GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill and CCLF4x11 powder collector. chaeng uses its own investment case to prove to our customers the environmental performance and investment income of our equipment.

Early construction
The operation of the belt conveyor between the entire production line is closed to ensure that no dust overflows during operation; the dust collection equipment is perfect, the dust collector collects dust at the discharge port to avoid the pollution caused by dust spillage; the inlet and outlet ports and storage are Completely closed to avoid dust pollution from materials outside the vertical mill; the main noise source is equipment noise, which is lower than the national standard through sound insulation and distance attenuation in the workshop; cooling water recycling of mineral powder production line, living water Pool, no traffic (not excluded)
Late-stage environmental protection improvements
The GRMS46.41 slag vertical mill equipment adopts lake blue as the main color, which contains the concept of sustainable development of the Great Wall of Xinxiang; the closed environment protection design of the raw material storage yard isolates the dust pollution inside the greenhouse and reduces the pollution to the environment.
Shanghai Baosteel Hot Blast Furnace Uses Blast Furnace Gas as Fuel
In Shanghai Baosteel's annual production capacity of 1.5 million tons of composite powder production line (first phase project), the hot blast stove uses the blast furnace gas discharged from the steel plant production process as fuel. The re-use of blast furnace gas minimizes the pollution to the surrounding environment, and also eliminates the annual high environmental taxes, which can realize double benefits to the economy and environment.
Guangdong Kimberly-Clark heat source can use bio-fuels
In the production line of 600,000 tons of slag powder produced by Guangdong Kimberly-Clark, biomass fuel is used as the heating power. Bio-fuels are smashed, mixed, extruded, dried, and other processes of agricultural and forestry wastes. A new type of clean fuel, in full compliance with national environmental protection requirements.