The core equipment of the Great Wall Company slag grinding plant

CHAENG is a cement industry equipment manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience, can provide not only slag grinding equipment, but also complete turnkey solutions for grinding blast furnace slag (GGBS) production.
The host equipment of the slag grinding plant adopts GRMSS steel slag vertical roller mill of CHAENG.

slag vertical roller mills.jpg
It has its own patented technology in iron removal before grinding, during grinding and after grinding. Through the internal iron removal, external circulation iron removal, high-pressure and less-roller grinding technologies, the metal iron in industrial solid waste can be effectively removed.
GRM series vertical roller mill of CHAENG adopts unique roller sleeve and lining plate. The finished product has high fineness, specific surface area of more than 450-500 m2/kg, and good activity. It is suitable for cement active mixture, concrete admixture and cementitious material.
Using the vertical grinding process, the energy consumption of the system is reduced to below 40kW·h/t, which is 20% less than the conventional process. At the same time, the entire production line adopts DCS central control system, which has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate.
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