1.5 Million t/a GGBS Plant of Baosteel Group Corporation

 I. Project Overview

1.5 Million t/a GGBS Plant of Baosteel Group Corporation

1. Project Company:

 Ningbo Steel Co., Ltd.

2. Project Location:

Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China

3. Main Equipment:

GRMS46.41*2 Vertical Roller Mill

4. Production Ability:

1.5 Millon tons GGBS

It is a two-purpose Production Line with two parts. One is a steel slag production line with annual capacity of 300,000 million tons slag powder, and the other one is a GGBFS production line with annum capacity of 1.2 million tons GGBFS. The main grinding equipment is designed with 2 GRMS vertical roller mills and 1 steel slag ball mill. All of the technical operation can be controlled in DCS Room, which is the most advanced level technology in the world. Baosteel visited us for the A check in April, 2014. All the device and equipment including vertical mill, electric cabinet, accessories, etc. are all qualified as they required.

II. Project Configurations


Equipment Specification Blaine Finess
GRMS46.41 Power consumption system: 38kWh/t
Capacity: 105 t/h
Number of rollers: 4
4200~4500 cm²/g
Steel Slag Ball Mill φ3.2x13m 
Capacity: 50t/h
4500-5000 cm²/g

 III. Project Analysis

1. The project is a composite powder line with the maximum productivity and best equipment that Baosteel ever invested at present. It is an effective study on the reuse of industry waste discharged from steel plant. It also will be a national demonstration GGBFS Plant as soon as being put into use next year.

2. GRMS46.41 is known as the heart of this production line. It helps reduce power consumption by 20%- 30%. The GGBFS Braine Test can at 4200-4500cm²/g, which definitely meets customer’s particle fineness and size distribution requirements. They are ideal admixtures for a variety of Portland cements.

3. The steel slag grinding is combined with the process of iron removal from outside loop, which can pick out 1.5% ferruginous matters from steel slag tailings. The granulated steel slags thus can be in a very fine condition. The Braine test of the finished products is over 4500-5000cm2/g. The qualified activity is the best admixture option for the cement blending material and concrete.

4. off-Gas Emission and Noise Level Meet National Standards

Measures are taken to make certain that our production line meets the GB4915-2004 standards for dust emission and GB12348-2008 standards for noise control. The purpose of our effort is to ensure the emission of any environmental pollutants meets related national standards and its impact on the surroundings would be reduced to minimum.

5. Low Electricity Consumption

Innovations in techniques allow us to produce an energy-efficient vertical roller mill that can effectively crush the glass structure of the slag between layers. It usually takes ≤43KWh/ton to get the finished products of 4200-4500cm2/g, which is much lower than the average level in this industry and greatly helps save production cost.