5,000t/d Cement Production Line of Henan Meng Electric Group Cement Co.LTD

I. Project Overview
1. Project Company:
Henan Meng Electric Group Cement Company
2. Project Location:
Mengzhuang Town, Huixian City, Henan Province
3. Construction Contracting Method:
General Contracting-Turnkey Project
4. Main Equipment:
GRMR53.41 Vertical Roller Mill for Cement Raw Material
5. Production Ability:

II. Project Configuration
1. GRMR53.41 Vertical Roller Mill for Cement Raw Material

    1. 5000tpd.jpg
    2. Raw Material Vertical Roller Mill

      As a piece of new energy efficient, eco-friendly grinding equipment, GRMR63.61 roller mill produces 720 tons of cement fine powders per hour while using only 17KWh to 20KWh of electricity for each ton of powder. High production rate and low power consumption allows this cement grinder to be used on a production line that is able to produce 1000-10000 tons of cement per day.

2. Φ4.8×72m Rotary Kiln

    1. 16_rotary_kiln_0.jpg
    2. Rotary Kiln We have been supplying cement professionals with high-quality rotary kiln for more than 5 decades. With a production ability of 1000 to 5000 tons per day, our cement kiln can meet your daily needs on the cement production line while consuming little power and delivering high stability.

3. Φ3.8×9.5m Air-Swept Ball Mill for Coal

    1. 15_2_coal_ball_mill_0.jpg
    2. Coal Ball Mill Coal grinding is not a one-step process. It contains several stages. At each stage, we use a different liner design to perform the specific grinding operation. That is why our coal grinder can have 15% improvement in grinding efficiency over other types of grinding mills.

III. Project Analysis
This project is built for minimized energy consumption, reduced emission, and effective use of resources. It is done in full compliance with national industrial policy, and thus is fully promoted and supported by Chinese government.

Ever since the Meng Electric Group kick-started the production line, each equipment has exhibited good stability and high production ability.