Cement Production Line of Xinxiang Huaxin Power Group Co. LTD

I. Project Overview

1. Project Company:
Xinxiang Huaxin Power Group Company

2. Project Location:
184 Baoshan Road, Fengquan District, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

3. Main Equipment:
Φ3.2×13 m Three-Compartment Cement Ball Mill

II. Project Configurations

1. 3-Compartment Cement Ball Mill

    1. 15_3_cement_ball_mill_0.jpg
    2. Cement Ball Mill Though taking up only a small space, our cement ball mill can actually yield the finest cement powder you have ever seen with a large surface area of 3300 to 3800 cm2/g. High production capacity and maximum fineness all serve as a guarantee that you get the best-in-class cement.

2. Rotary Kiln

    1. 16_rotary_kiln_0.jpg
    2. Rotary Kiln We have been supplying cement professionals with high-quality rotary kiln for more than 5 decades. With a production ability of 1000 to 5000 tons per day, our cement kiln can meet your daily needs on the cement production line while consuming little power and delivering high stability.

III. Project Analysis
The new cement production line infuses new energy into Huaxin Power Group. It is made with the latest dry process technology that reduces the use of cement raw material while increasing cement output.

As cement production is still on the increase, Huaxin’s initial investment on the production line has been paid back. Presently, the company is expanding its sales and influence and all poised to stand at the forefront of Chinese cement industry.