Our Culture

Corporate Culture

Dedication, Innovation, Service, Honesty, Teamwork

Provide our customers with comprehensive services. Open up opportunities for our employees to develop themselves. Continue our contribution to social development.

Create a world-leading supplier of grinding system.

Service Philosophy
Strive for customer satisfaction

Management Philosophy
Business is our number one priority. Finance is our central issue. Technology energizes our business.

Morning Precept
Don’t say I can’t. Find ways to do it instead.

Site Management Culture
How well you run your construction project decides team productivity and project profits. Keeping your project in order is a good habit. Gradually, the good habit would develop into a standard against which each and every of your projects can be checked and tested. Developing a good site management habit requires every site manager to keep close track of the construction project.

1. Strengthen the concept of standardization. Carry out production in strict accordance with standards.
2. Follow the process flow to work your project. Check your project against related standards.
3. Reward employees based on their individual performance. Analyze and summarize for continued improvement.

Execution Culture
Focus more on the outcome, less the process of self-realization. Learn to be target-oriented. Let repetition bring out the best of you.