CHAENG History in Depth


The 300,000t/y slag powder production line was put in use in Shixin Concrete Company in Huanghua City. It met related standards and production capacity specifications, thus helping us win customer satisfactions.

Our E-Commerce Department was built in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.



In the annual general meeting held by the China Cement Net, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery was named the Top 100 Supplier in Chinese Cement Industry.

 We signed the general contract of 300,000t/y slag powder production line withHuanghuaShixin Concrete Co., Ltd.

The construction project of machining workshop was completed and started operating. It cost us 60 million RMB and had a floor area of 13,000 square meters. The newly-built workshop had more than 20 sets of advanced machining equipment, such as the imported NC boring and milling machine and vertical lathe. These equipment sets allowed us to double our production capacity. They paved the way for batch production.

Delong Xu, the only academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in building material industry, made an inspection tour in our company. After the visit, he gave us very high praise.

Hongyu Building Material Company from Puyang City awarded us a contract on the 600,000t/y slag powder production line project. We thus became a supplier of integrated grinding system.

Leaders from UBE Industries Company came to our company for inspection tour and expressed their intention to strengthen cooperation with us.

The company manufactured another project for the Henan Meng Electric Group. This project was able to produce 1 million tons of slag powder or 1.5 million tons of cement per year for the Henan Meng Electric Group. Its main equipment was the GRMS/GRMK53.41 slag powder/cement vertical roller mill, the largest in China at that time. Unique to this project is that it can produce two kinds of products with one piece of equipment, which is rarely seen in the industry.



Early Spring  
Great Wall Machinery cooperated with the National Coal-Water Slurry Engineering Technology Research Center. Shortly after that, we signed a contract with China Datang Corporation for supplying φ3×13m coal-water slurry ball mills to the 1830 Coal to Chemicals Project and 3052 Coal to Chemicals Project. These events marked our first step towards the Chinese coal-to-chemicals industry.
The Φ4.2×13m ball mill with double slide-shoe bearings was optimized in design, which solved the chronic problems of slide-shoe overheating. This design is now covered by patent number ZL201020285841.9.
The 600,000t pilot production line for slag powder was put into operation. Its main equipment is our GRMS46.41 slag vertical roller mill. The performance of this system reached nationally advanced level. Our GRMS46.41 vertical roller mill, for example, was able to produce 100 tons of slag powder per hour while the overall system power consumption is as little as 37-38kwh of electricity. The success of our demonstration caused a sensation in the cement machinery industry. We thus received many good reviews from customers and professionals, and became the fifth company in China that was capable of independently manufacturing large-scale vertical roller mills after CITIC, Northern Heavy Industry Group, Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute, and Hefei Cement Industry Design & Research Institute. 
The company manufactured the China’s largest GRMR53.41 cement raw material vertical roller mill for use on the 5000t/d cement production line which was put into use in the Henan Meng Electric Group.


Xinxiang Great Wall Mining Machinery successfully produced the first complete set of dry process cement manufacturing equipment with production capacity of 1000t/d. The three mills and one rotary kiln, as the main equipment of our first 1000t/d new dry process cement production line, was put into operation in Henan Meng Electric Group. Our company was among few manufacturers who supplied main equipment of dry process cement production line.

Xinxiang Great Wall Mining Machinery underwent a major restructuring which transformed the collectively-owned company into a limited liability company.  Our company manufactured the main equipment of another 1000t/d new dry process cement production line for Henan Meng Electric Group.

Another two 3000t/d dry process production lines were put in operation in the Henan Meng Electric Group.

We successfully put in place the φ6.3m Russian vertical lathe, φ8000mm Russian hobbing machine, and the largest 6×6×16.5m computerized electric annealing furnace. At that time, the newly built 6200m2 large-scale riveted and welded light steel factory added new strength to our production,  which helped us produce large-scale rotary kilns and mills.

Parallel to our operations expansion, a series of strategic cooperation was built up with Tianjin Cement Industry Design & Research Institute, CITIC Heavy Industries, Sinoma, and Dalian Shida Heavy Machinery.

Henan Provincial Governor, Chengyu Li, accompanied by Vice Governor, Dawei Zhang, made an inspection tour in our company. During the visit, he gave high praise to us for the progress we had made over the past decades. Governor Li said, "Great Wall Machinery really did a good job and should continue the route of saving energy and reducing emission".

The 5000m2 heavy-duty factory house was built. In the same year, the T6920 Czech milling and boring machine and heavy duty tube rolling machine were fitted in the factory and successfully put into use after commissioning.

We invested 200 million RMB in a new foundry base that stretched over 43 acres. The main floor area was 5000m2. Every year, a total of 50,000 tons of steel castings were produced from this foundry base while the heaviest one-piece casting we ever made was 120 tons in weight. This foundry base was the second largest in Henan Province and the largest in Northern Henan. The construction made us become the third manufacturer in cement machinery industry to have its own foundry base. It served as a guarantee that our grinders and rotary kilns can be done right, on time and on budget.

Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery respectively signed contracts with the Neixiang Tailong Building Materials Company for 1 set of MVS5000 vertical roller mill, and Yichang Hualin Cement Company for 1 set of MVS4600 vertical roller mill. These 2 business deals marked the starting point of supplying vertical roller mills to customers.

Our company supplied the φ4.8×74m rotary kiln and the φ4.2×13m cement ball mill for two 5000t/d dry process cement production lines. We had since become a main supplier of large-scale main equipment for use on the dry process cement production line.

The Φ3.6×8.5m trunnion overflow mill and the Φ3.2×4.5m rod mill were built. Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery was also granted the Manufacturing License for Pressure Vessels of Category I and II. After the licensing, we successfully developed new pressure vessels.

The matching MVS4600 vertical roller mill for 2500t/d cement clinker production line and MLS4028 vertical roller mill for 4500t/d production line were put in operation. In compliance with Chinese regulations on energy saving and emission reduction, Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery was speedily moving from the ball mill to vertical roller mill.

In October, the MVS 4600 vertical roller mill formally started operatint in Yichang Hualin Cement Company. At the end of the fifth day after operation, the mill was already able to achieve the designated production capacity and related standard, which drew attentions from our competitors in the cement machinery industry.

In March, the company changed its name to Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd., with its registered capital raised to 30 million RMB.

In May, we reaped the honor of Henan High-Growth Enterprise.

During winter months, we made a new breakthrough in vertical roller mill technology. Together with chief experts in Chinese vertical roller mill industry, we occupied the commanding heights of technology and won a number of contracts with many enterprises from Henbei Province on our GRM series vertical mill.

The company attracted another well-known company, namely, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation. We also put new management systems in place. People First and Foremost as well as Everyone is A Manager became our management mode.



Xinxiang Great Wall Mining Machinery independently designed and manufactured the W1150B50×3000 double-drive 3-roll plate rolling machine. This creation served as an equipment support for the later inventions of large-scale ball mills and rotary kilns. Worth noting here, our double-drive 3-roll plate rolling machine was awarded the Henan Provincial Important Technological Achievement Prize.

Under the assistance of Henan Provincial Machinery Research & Design Institute, the company invested a total 15 million RMB in design of 5×20m large-scale horizontal lathes, one 16m steel edge planer, and the 30T×5T/ 10T Double-Girder Bridge Cranes that Span 22.5m. From that time onwards, we began to produce a wide selection of large rotary kilns.

Affected by gloomy market conditions and poor internal management, Xinxiang Great Wall really had some hard times.

Jizhong Wang was appointed the Factory Manager. Entrusted with the important mission in a critical time, the manager turned around the bad situation and led his factory to success. This year marked the reborn of Xinxiang Great Wall Mining Machinery.



We appointed 3 engineers from Henan Provincial Machinery Bureau to be our Technical Counselors. 62 sets of production machinery were introduced to our factory. In quick succession, Liangcun Machinery Factory added 7 new product lines, include the feeder, conveyor, crusher, and mixer, among others. At that time, the factory was already able to produce a complete set of cement machinery.

We are granted the Third Prize of Technology Improvement in Henan Province for the invention of φ1.83m×6.4m ball mill.

Liangcun Machinery was renamed to Xinxiang Great Wall Mining Machinery Factory.



Liangcun Factory successfully produced its first φ1m ball mill. This success marked a significant point in the development of Liangcun Factory, which signaled the company’s first step into the cement machinery industry.

Our threshing machine, and φ1m, φ1.2m, and φ1.5m ball mills were widely used in 13 provinces to support industrial and agricultural production practices thereof.



Sometime between 1960 and 1970, Liangcun Cooperatives was renamed to Liangcun Agricultural Machinery Repair and Manufacture Workshop. From then on, the workshop started to manufacture medium and small sized agricultural machinery and tools, serving agricultural markets. At a later time, Liangcun Workshop changed its name once again to Liangcun Machinery Factory.



Back in April 1958 when the commune system was first introduced, rural communities under the jurisdiction of Liangcun Village in Huixian County of Henan Province brought together their carpenters, ironsmiths, casting workers, and galvanized iron makers to jointly build the Liangcun Ironworking and Woodworking Cooperatives in Sanlitun Village. This newly built Liangcun Cooperatives was the earliest predecessor of Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery.