Kiln girth gear cast steel material

The girth gear is the main transmission component of rotary kiln and ball mill. CHAENG has many years of experience in the production of large girth. It uses high-quality steel material for girth gear casting, and optimize the girth gear casting process according to the transmission characteristics of rotary kiln and ball mill.

girth gear.jpg

Processing advantages of the CHAENG mill & kiln girth gear:

1. Advanced heat treatment technology to improve wear resistance of girth gear. CHAENG adopts unique heat treatment technology to optimize the girth gear structure, improve the hardness, and greatly improve the wear resistance and impact resistance. 

2. According to the customer's requirements, CHAENG selects the appropriate wood mold for modeling design, and uses CAE software to simulate the casting process before pouring to optimize the casting quality of girth gear.

3. CHAENG has professional casting equipment, strictly follows the national standard level-2 flaw detection standard, and implements 360° non-destructive testing system to ensure the quality of steel casting girth gear.

CHAENG girth gears are sold to many provinces in China such as Henan, Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, and are also exported to Turkey, Italy, Chile and other countries.

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