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Girth Gear for Ball Mill and Rotary kiln

Weight 10-35 tons
Material ASTM: 1045 / DIN: CK45 / BS: 080M46
Application Ball Mill, Rotary Kiln
Customizable Yes

The girth gear is the major component used in rotary kiln and ball mill which is required to be operated in a long time. So, the quality requirements during the actual production for the big Girth Gear are very high.

1. The particular heat treatment technology is used for the big gear ring manufactured by Chaeng which makes the improvement in the structure optimization and the hardness of the product. The wear-resistant and anti-impact performance is also enhanced greatly.
2. The high strength steel was used by us in manufacturing the girth gear. We also take the optimization for the product against the operation characteristics of the rotary kiln to ensure the stability of the component during the long time operation and extend the service life of the component.
3. Our company has rich production capability in steel castings. For the components such as the girth gear ring, we can provide them in large production quantity with short cast period and large amount.

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