1. How much is steel castings per ton?

      04 Apr,2019

      The large steel castings produced by Great Wall Cast Steel are subject to rigorous testing before leaving the factory, and it will only be shipped if they meet all the requirements.
    1. Slag vertical mill equipment price and process

      02 Apr,2019

      Slag grinding equipment, domestic large vertical mill equipment price, ore powder has industrial use, which is the mining of limestone, granite, calcite, potassium feldspar, albite, talc, etc.
    1. Types of slag ladle for smelting furnace, made by CHAENG

      01 Apr,2019

      CHAENG is one of the well-known large-scale steel casting enterprises in China. It manufactures large steel castings covering metallurgy, cement, forging, bridge construction and many other industries, especially in the metallurgy industry, it has been ha
    1. Good news!CHAENG will participate in UZMINGEXPO2019

      25 Mar,2019

      CHAENG will attend UZMINGEXPO2019 as the leading representatives of the producers on the project's approval of the grinding system.We feel very honored and sincerely invite all friends to visit us at the exhibition!!!
CHAENG will participate in The Bright World of Metals in Germany, Welcome your arrival! ×