1. Improvement in Performance of Ball Mill in Cement Grinding

      30 Mar,2020

      ball mill is used as a grinder of cement clinker which is horizontal cylinder type mill. A ball mill is filled with the steel balls that rotate on the axis of mill which has tumbling and cascading actions on the balls. Impact forces cause the crushing of
    1. Application of steel slag in cement industry

      28 Mar,2020

      Steel slag is a by-product of steel manufacturing. Approximately 160 kg of steel slag is generated per ton of steel produced. The common chemical compounds in steel slag are SiO2, CaO, Fe2O3, Al2O3, and MnO. The major mineral components of steel slag are
    1. How Does A Rotary Kiln Work?

      17 Mar,2020

      Rotary kilns use extremely high temperatures combined with controlled retention times to cause a chemical reaction or phase change in a material.
    1. What casting parts of cement plant can you find from CHAENG?

      13 Mar,2020

      As a professional manufacturer and supplier of steel castings for the building materials industry, CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) continuously develops technology for manufacturing of steel castings, innovates independently, and enhances the technologi
    1. The price for 200 mesh calcium carbonate vertical mill

      06 Mar,2020

      With the further development of the market, the high-capacity and high-efficiency vertical mill equipment has become the production raising equipment of the mineral powder market, as well as the excellent mill equipment responding to the call of energy co
    1. The important role of vertical roller mills in the cement industry

      03 Mar,2020

      Companies in the global cement industry are facing major challenges: If they are to improve productivity while simultaneously decreasing costs, they need high-performance products that are also energy-efficient and offer maximum availability and flexibili