1. Kiln girth gear cast steel material

      18 Apr,2019

      The girth gear is the main transmission component of rotary kiln and ball mill. CHAENG has many years of experience in the production of large girth. It uses high-quality steel material for girth gear casting, and optimize the girth gear casting process a
    1. What are the characteristics of the vertical roller mill?

      15 Apr,2019

      The vertical roller mill mainly consists of a grinding system, a drying system, a powder selection system, a feeding system, an external circulation system, etc., and the same grinding has many advantages, it also encounters many bad problems in the produ
    1. Advantages of CHAENG vertical lime kiln

      10 Apr,2019

      The full name of the coal burning lime kiln is fully automatic mechanized coal burning vertical steel-shell lime kiln, and Kiln type is vertical cylindrical.The fuel for the equipment is mainly solid fuel, such as coke, bituminous coal, anthracite, brique
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