5000t / d Vertical preheater rotary kiln operation manual

1, the rotary kiln and  Vertical preheater is longer, the kiln speed quickly pre-decomposed kiln burning belt length is about 0.5-55 times the diameter of the kiln, compared to other kiln are long. And because the raw material into the rotary kiln CaC03 decomposition rate is generally as high as 90%, so the rotary kiln material burned, the chemical reaction speed, so the possibility of channeling material reduction, which in order to improve the speed of rotary kiln to create a good condition The Under normal circumstances the speed of the rotary kiln is generally controlled at 3.5 - 4.0r / min. However, due to the kiln fast, kiln material layer is thin, the material filling rate is only about 7%, and the incoming material is more uniform. Kiln operator generally reflects that this rotary kiln calcination effect is good, good control, good operation.

2, the raw material from the kiln As far as the kiln raw material CaCO3, the decomposition rate is very high, kiln decomposition zone greatly shortened, especially with the extension of the transition zone with the corresponding extension of the material flow is small, the general kiln can not see Raw material shadows. Therefore, to see the fire operation must observe the flame, kiln skin, clinker color, brightness, grain size, with material height, lifting and kiln drive current-based. It must be noted that, because the kiln speed, material stay in the kiln only 25min or so, so the kiln operator must be observed, fine adjustment, or run the phenomenon of raw material is also frequent.

3, the cooling belt is short, easy to close before the circle pre-decomposition kiln cooling belt is generally very short, and some do not have cooling zone. The kiln clinker temperature up to 1300 ℃ above, when the clinker liquid phase has not completely disappeared, so easy to produce before the knot ring.

Vertical preheater for Rotary Kiln

4, black fire short, fire concentrated three-channel or four-channel burner can make the wind, coal to be fully mixed. So the pulverized coal burning speed, the flame shape is also more lively, the flow of wind, the proportion of outside the flow of convenient adjustment, easier to obtain suitable for the process of calcination requirements of the black fire short, fire concentrated flame shape.

5, pre-decomposition kiln  raw material CaC03 about 90% has been decomposed, so the raw material from the decomposition zone to the transition zone temperature changes slowly, the material is burned, into the burning zone of the material is relatively stable. However, due to the pre-decomposition kiln system with preheater, decomposition furnace and kiln three parts, kiln speed, raw material movement speed, the system if any interference factors, the kiln thermal system will rapidly change. So the operator must be both before and after, a comprehensive understanding of the system, the various parameters of the changes should be predictive. Find the problem, the small amount of coal in advance, as little as possible or immobile kiln speed and feed volume, in order to avoid the rapid changes in the system thermal system, to be ground observation, small tricks, timely detection of problems, promptly ruled out.

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