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Vertical preheater for Rotary Kiln

CHAENG Vertical preheater for Rotary Kiln

Vertical preheater is one of the main equipment in active lime production. And its main function is to send limestone from the upper part to the body of preheater. Making use of high-temperature exhaust gas (800℃--1100℃) discharged from the calcinations kiln to make heat exchange and the preheat the materials evenly into 900℃ in the preheater. After preheating ,there is 30% CaCO3 will decompose and then pushed into rotary kiln for burning by the hydraulic push rod .So such a calcinations process not only shorten the time of limestone burning in the kiln, but also get a high degree of the active lime.

Our company adopts LDO preheater. Compared with ordinary perheater, it reduces the loss of line gas resistance and the power of smoke ventilator greatly. It saves the energy consumption. Besides, it has the advantage of easy operation and maintenance, simple masonry and reliable performance.

Product Structure

1. The upper feeding system: includes the upper hopper, the next material possession, the next feeding method and structure can guarantee to the pre-heater of the body feeding to achieve security when closed. So that the cold air from outside can not enter into the preheater and feeding can make use of valve rod to achieve continuous or intermittent feeding.

2. Preheater body: it is to ensure that material preheated to 900 degrees celsius of the most important part. It is by the warm room, hanging devices and brick lining (which does not belong to the scope of design and manufacturing equipment) and other parts. That part of the structure of most of metal structures, part of the material according to the need to use a heat-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel to 1100 degrees celsius in 1000 to work under high temperatures. In addition, the refractory bricks lining structure, novel design, sealing is good, can guarantee the material in pre-heater evenly and achieve pre-heating temperature preheating.

3, Pusher devices: mainly rod, framework, and connecting rods and other parts of rod using heat-resistant steel casting or welded together, can withstand high temperatures, using electronic control and hydraulic systems can be by putting the various hydraulic automatic control program to achieve sequential pusher.

4, The hydraulic system: includes tanks, pumps, motors, solenoid valves, hydraulic tubing, etc., his main role is to control the pusher device to push the completion of material movement.

5, Bottom feeding room: The main include slide tube, feeding the main room, feeding slip mouth and so on, its main role is to import the materials after preheating rotary kiln calcination.

6, Framework: It includes columns and ring beam and so on, the main role is to carry The upper part of the structure.

Product Feature&Details

 Product Feature

1.The preheater body is well sealed to keep the cold air outside, which ensures good production process requirements.

2.The preheater has a reasonable internal structure and its key position adopts heat resistant steel to make sure reliable usage.

3. The preheater adoptds high performance hydraulic system to ensure the pusher device to push the material steadily.

Product Details


Pre-sales service:

1.Enough details about the ores or slags shall be learned, sometimes the test is needed for some ores.

2. Equipment of right model is selected for customers.

3. Customized products and processing flow sheet can be designed and developed to meet customer's special demands.

4. Engineer could be sent to observe customer's working site to come up with an optimized solution accordingly.

After-sales service:

1. Installation, adjustment, and testing of equipment is available.

2. Train of technicians and workers at site is promised.

3. Service engineers will not leave until ensuring the whole line running well after the installation & adjustment is finished.

4.If any failure or question about the machines or the processing line, contact us and we are available at any time.



1.How about the quality of your products?

Our products are strictly made by adopting advanced technology both at home and abroad.

Every aspect of our products is under strict quality control and we take a test on each equipment before delivery.

We are a manufacturer having over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing mining machinery.

2.How about the price?

We are factory, and we can give you lower price than those trade companies. If the product is really suitable and can benefit you, the price is negotiable.

3.Do you provide after-sale service?

Yes. We provide one-year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently. Besides, we always offer lifelong services and provide spare parts for a long term. And we repair main parts under correct using for free in two years.

4.Do you provide equipment operation training?

Yes. We can send technicians to the job-site for guiding the installation and adjustment, training operators and finishing the check and accept together with you.

5.Can you help chose suitable products?

Yes. We have many experts who have worked in this area for many years. They can help you select the most suitable products according to your actual condition. And they can design proper process flow based on your special situation.If necessary, we can even send professionals to your local place for site planning and work-flow design.

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