Steel slag vertical roller mill-important equipment in the steel slag grinding plant

As is known to all, in the industrial industry, steel slag is a solid waste that is poorly utilized by steel companies. Except for extracting some of the metal iron, most of them are not effectively utilized. Most steel plant have not fully utilized steel slag after fully selecting iron. They contain higher divalent metal ions than cement clinker and have a large space for utilization.

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A large amount of residual micron-sized metal iron particles can cause magnetic agglomeration and magnetic adhesion in the steel slag grinding plant, making ultrafine grinding impossible. Therefore, in order to carry out ultrafine grinding of the steel slag, the exposed metal iron particles must be removed in time during the grinding process.

GRMS steel slag vertical roller mill is a new type of ultra-fine vertical mill designed and developed by Xinxiang Great Wall after decades. It uses a large amount of external circulation and effectively removes iron in the outer circulation. It can choose about 1.5% iron in the tailings. At the same time, the steel slag powder produced is high in fineness, and the specific surface area of the finished product can reach 450~500 m2/kg or more, and the activity is good, and it is suitable as cement active mixed material and concrete admixture.

Regardless of the fineness of the finished product, power consumption or investment cost, the steel slag vertical mill of Xinxiang Great Wall can meet the requirements of users.

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