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Steel Slag Grinding Plant

Annual Output : 200,000-1,500,000 tons

Main Equipment : GRMS Steel slag vertical mill

Grinding Material : Steel Slag , Water Slag , Blast Furnace Slag

Equipment matching : Belt feed+Vibrating screen+slag vertical mill+hot blast stove+dust collector+warehouse

The product of the CHAENG ( Great Wall Machinery ) production steel slag vertical roller mill is the equipment to grind Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag into small particles . steel slag(fineness:4200-4500cm2/g) produced by vertical roller mills are being used to substitute clinker in conventional cement manufacturing as well as to partially replace OPC for ready-mixed concrete production, for which the percentage of GGBS usage is typically at 10-15% and 20-25% respectively.

Steel slag is the waste residue in the process of steel making, including converter slag and electric furnace slag, approximately takes 15-20 percent of crude steel capacity , It occupies a large proportion of industrial waste.

CHAENG can undertake 20 tons --1.5 million tons of Blast furnace slag/Steel slag/Nickel slag/Manganese slag powder production EPC projects.We can provide raw material testing , engineering design,equipment manufacturing,install,debugging,technical training,standard production,production contract and "turnkey" service.


Process Description

Forklift will transfer the steel slag from the slag pile, then the slag will transported to the weighting silo.

during the transportation, the steel slag will be magnetized and sieved to remove the iron parts. The pre-processed slag then fed to the vertical mill by the elevator for grinding.

After grinding, the steel slag will be classified and dried by the hot air generator.

The required steel slag powder then to be collected by the dust collector and transferred to the final product ware house by air delivery chute and elevator.

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Technical Parameters

According to the survey, 600,000 tons of steel slag powder production line to become the mainstream market of steel slag production line capacity, annual Great Wall Machinery leading 600,000 tons of slag powder production line a full set of equipment technical parameters:

Technical Parameters (1).jpg

Product advantages

1. The specific surface area of slag powder finished higher than 450㎡ / kg, high activity

CHAENG vertical mill production of steel powder specific surface area of 450 to 500 ㎡ / kg, then better activity, energy consumption indicators over.

2. The production line system power consumption in 40KWh / t

Ball mill energy consumption is too high for many cement companies had a headache, and the new vertical mill equipment has become the most internationally recognized technology leader in energy saving grinding equipment, stand-alone energy consumption can be reduced more than 30%!

3. The dust emission concentration at 22mg / m³

Slag vertical mill set conveying, grinding, drying, powder in one election, the whole vacuum sealing work, while also collecting points shaker frame, feeding etc. at the floor frame is equipped with monitoring equipment, the entire line dust emission concentration at 22mg / m³, far below the national 30mg / m³ standards.

4. The election of iron is high, additional economic benefits

Slag generally ranging from 1% to 3% iron content, CHAENG’S vertical mill grinding system selected from iron process optimization in the feeding system to increase multi-channel Separators, greatly increasing the amount of metallic iron elect improved system comprehensive economic environmental benefits.

5. shortest delivery market advantage

CHAENG mainframe-added capabilities and large steel castings manufacturing capacity, can guarantee the quality of products under the premise of the slag vertical mill delivery guarantee in 4-6 months, the entire production line construction period is shortened to 6 8 months.

steel casting.jpg

Investment return

Guangdong,China— a large steel company, 600,000 tons of steel slag comprehensive utilization of resources projects Case Analysis

Project Overview:

A company from Guangdong, after hot stew, crushing and screening, magnetic separation, coarse grinding step process, all kinds of broken steel slag into the annual output 600,000 tons of steel slag comprehensive utilization of resources and environmental protection engineering production line slag heap storage shed,Then by screening, magnetic separation, pre-pink coarse grinding, broadband magnetic separator selected iron and steel slag particles selected processes 6,000 tons of iron powder after crushing the slag into the slag vertical mill drying, grinding. Finely ground slag powder by the high concentration bag filter to collect into steel slag storage library, the library through the end of Sinotrans bulk loading systems.

steel slag plant project case.jpg

Investment calculation:

According to the local and neighboring markets that:

Integrated steel slag powder is priced at $ 22 / ton, it is put into the annual average revenue $13326242;

As the project was elected in 6000 tons of steel slag particles, iron powder, according to $ 137 / ton price, the annual income $759763;

The final total annual revenue: 60,0000 tons *$22 +6000 tons *$137=$14040419

service support

To ensure that customers and the entire project is completed smoothly, CHAENG pioneered the industry's first "1 vertical mill, eight service" value-added solutions, from pre-production to the final project, the Great Wall machinery to provide full guidance.

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