How to configure a whole steel slag grinding plant

Steel slag is a by-product of steelmaking in steel plants. A large amount of steel slag is piled up, and it is not used, it will not only occupy land resources, pollute the environment, but also burden the enterprise. According to relevant industry information statistics, the increasing amount of steel slag has caused serious challenges to the operation of steel enterprises and caused huge pollution to the environment. There are two main ways for steel slag to be used as a secondary resource. One is recycled as a smelting solvent in the factory. It can not only replace limestone, but also recover a large amount of metal iron and other useful elements. The other is used as a road construction material, building materials or raw materials for agricultural fertilizers.

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Steel slag grinding plant is an indispensable relief in the process of steel slag processing. It can realize the full utilization of steel slag and provide favorable conditions for the realization of steel slag. The steel slag grinding plant generally uses dry ball mill or vertical mill. CHAENG recommends using a vertical mill for grinding.

When the vertical mill grinds the steel slag, it has the following unique advantages:

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Low investment cost: 1 set of systems is completely fixed, low operating costs

CHAENG Steel Slag Vertical Mill When the product specific surface area is 4500cm2/g, the average grinding capacity of each steel slag vertical mill is guaranteed to be 90t/h. If a ball mill is used, at least 6 sets of ball mill systems are required.

Energy saving and consumption reduction: the power consumption of the vertical mill system is reduced by 20% compared with ball milling

The energy consumption of the ball mill system has already caused headaches for many cement companies, and the new vertical mill equipment has become an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly grinding equipment. Compared with the ball mill system, it can save 30~50% of electricity. Compared with the traditional vertical mill, CHAENG steel slag vertical mill has a large external circulation ratio, which can reduce the system power consumption by about 20%.

Environmental protection: low dust pollution and less dust

We know that the ball mill requires a lot of equipment and multiple conveyors due to the complicated system process, which will cause serious dust pollution. The steel slag vertical mill system is integrated with grinding, grinding, drying and powder selection. It is fully enclosed and CHAENG vertical mill is also equipped with a dust collector in the vibrating screen frame and the feeding frame. 

Good iron selection, good finished product quality: high iron selection rate and improved economic efficiency

Steel slag generally has an iron content ranging from 1% to 3%. CHAENG optimizes the iron selection process of the vertical grinding system, and adds multiple iron removers to the feeding system, which greatly increases the amount of metal iron selected and improves the system integrates economic and environmental benefits.