(5):How to Improve the quality of cement clinker ?

Improve the quality of cement kiln clinker should control the fifth major aspects:

In order to ensure the implementation of the cement rotary kiln batching program and the uniformity of the raw material composition, improve the quality of clinker, in the production process quality control should pay attention to the mountain to improve the quality of cement kiln clinker should control the second major aspects


coal vertical roller mill

(5) To strengthen the detection and control of coal content in raw materials:

cement plant, coal blending and the role of the dual role of ingredients, it is not simply to provide the heat required for calcination. Since the ash content of the coal is almost entirely incorporated into the clinker and is incorporated into the clinker mineral. Therefore, the raw material coal content and other ingredients as the ingredients, the exact ratio of its direct impact also has a direct impact on the chemical composition of raw clinker; especially the use of high ash low-quality coal, its impact is more prominent. According to the calculation, the coal ash content increased by 0.01 kg / kg clinker, the clinker KH value and SM value should be reduced by 0.03, while the IM value increased by about 0.05. Many enterprises often only pay attention to control the Tc pass rate, while ignoring the control of coal and coal blending accuracy, through the calculation of ingredients analysis shows that if the limestone ratio unchanged, but the actual ratio of clay and coal than the batch requirements If the fluctuation is one percentage (such as 9% of the raw material pool and the actual fluctuation to 10%), the raw material KH value is different from the requirement of the batching scheme. Therefore, to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the raw material three-pronged value, we must also control the coal content at the same time. Into the coal must be set up a separate feeding, measuring equipment, attention to secondary coal blending process, and actively use advanced and practical microcomputer control coal blending and metering system.

How to Improve the quality of cement kiln clinker ?


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2. Catch wheel: including mechanical wheel and hydraulic wheel.

3. Gears: single or double. Control the rotating speed by buncher, DE machine and frequency variable motor. Be reliable, energy-saving, and efficient.

4. Cylinder type bolster: lower bolster has three types: fixed, zoom and floating. The structure is simple, so replacement is convenient and won’t hurt cylinder.

5. Sealing equipment: there are many kinds for choice according to cement kiln models, including air cylinder edge sealing, spring edge sealing, and graphite block sealing and combination for above. The sealing effect is very good.

6. Kiln head hood: including stationary type and flexible type.




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