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300 t/d Cement Production Line


300t/d cement production line designed by Great Wall machinery, fully learns from the lessons and experiences of more than 20 years of NSP production line design, advanced vertical roller mill grinding system and DCS automatic control system.

CHAENG have advanced technology production equipment and a professional technical team. CHAENG holds deep domain knowledge of the industry and hence, is equipped to offer customized service that are directed to meet the needs of clients from cement plants.

Application Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plant
Annual Output 300 tons per day
Process Type New Dry Process
Blaine Fineness 3300-3800 cm²/g                        


Cement production line includes crushing and pre-homogenization, raw material preparation & homogenization, preheating & decomposition, cement clinker sintering, cement grinding and packaging etc. CHAENG have the ability to built 300t / d ~ 5000 t /d cement production line independently, And has extensive experience in the design and construction, built many large cement production line


1) Model: Ф2.4×8m
2) Max. feed size: ≤25mm
3) Moisture of finished product: 0.5~1.0%
4) Max moisture of material: 5%
5) Fineness of finished product: 80μmR10~12%
6) Capacity: 30t/h
7) Installed Power:570kw
C1: Ф2570mm
C2 : Ф2770mm
C3 : Ф2770mm
C4: Ф2940mm
Capacity: 300t/d
Preheater Fan
1) Type: W6-29No 21.4D
2) Capacity: 100000m3/h
3) Pressure: 7200Pa
4) Power:400kW
1) Model: Ф2.8 X 44m
2) kiln pitch: 3.5%
3) rotary speed: 0.375-3.3r/min
4) Capacity: 330t/d
5) Motor Power:90kw
Clinker Cooler
1)Type :Ф2.5 X25m
3)Clinker temperature at outlet : ≤100℃
1) Model: Ф2.4 X 8m
2) Max. feed size: ≤25mm
3) Fineness of finished cement: 3200cm²/g
4) Capacity: 30t/h
5) Installed Power: 570kw
Packing machine
1)  Type:   4RSE
2)  Capacity:60 t/h
3)  Accuracy:±150g deviation as average of 10
1) Model: Ф2.2 X 4.4m
2) Max. feed size: ≤25mm
3) Capacity: 8t/h
4) Installed Power: 250kw



1. Advanced Technology Brings Lower Power Consumption.

Compared with traditional cement production line, the 300 t/d cement plant designed by Chaeng uses lower energy consumption equipment in the main part of energy consumption, such as vertical raw millvertical coal mill,vertical cement mill, etc., and the energy saving effect is very significant, which can reduce energy consumption with an average of 15-20 kWh/t.

2. Reasonable Design, Reduces Dust and Noise Effectively

Cement production has always been one of the leading causes of environmental pollution, thus more and more cement plant is looking for a solution to reduce noise and dust pollution. Chaeng fully considers the sustainable development in the design, reducing dust through campus greening, filter, etc. Since the introduction of noise control programs in key areas, the factory noise is lower than the national standard.

3. Shorter Delivery Time, Earlier Profits

With large supporting cast steel companies and large machining workshop, Chaeng has 120t casting ability and can supply complete spare parts. Furthermore, with a variety of long-term cooperation and first-class equipment suppliers, it greatly shortens delivery cycle, and makes your profit in the shortest possible time.

CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery) has a history of more than 60 years and has accumulated rich experience in cement machinery. At present, we have been able to supply 300-5000 t/d cement EP project, providing solutions for the world's growing demand for cement. 


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