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Vertical Lime Kiln


The full name of the coal burning lime kiln is fully automatic mechanized coal burning vertical steel-shell lime kiln, and Kiln type is vertical cylindrical.The fuel for the equipment is mainly solid fuel, such as coke, bituminous coal, anthracite, briquette.

Process Description

1. Introduction

(1) computer control interface

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(2) Process flow chart



Production Process

Limestone and coal are respectively fed into the storage bins by forklift. The lower parts of the bins have automatic weighing hoppers. After weighing according to the amount set by the computer, the limestone and coal are mixed. The mixed material is lifted by the skip car through the inclined bridge to the top of the lime kiln, and then is evenly sprinkled into the kiln through the loading equipment and the feeding equipment.

The raw material descends under the action of its own gravity in the kiln. At the bottom of the kiln, a roots blower cools the lime at the bottom of the kiln. The wind from the bottom exchanges heat with the lime and enters the calcining zone as fuel after its temperature reaches 600 degrees.

The Limestone from the kiln top passes the preheating zone, the calcining zone, and the cooling zone, and complete chemical reaction under the action of high temperature to decompose into calcium oxide (lime). After that, it is discharged from the kiln bottom by the disc ashing machine and the ash discharging device with the function of sealed discharge, to realize the non-stop wind unloading.


Technical parameters of production line:

Capacity(t/d) Effective volume(m³) Effective height (m) Effective section  Diameter(m) limestone grain size(mm) Heat consumption (KJ/kg)
100 120 15 φ2.5 40-80 <4600
150 200 15 φ3.5 40-80 <4500
200 300 24 φ4.0 40-80 <4500
300 380 26 φ4.5 40-80 <4400

Technical parameters of metallurgical active lime kiln:

Model 120m3 200m3 300m3 380m3
Capacity 60-80tpd 110-135tpd 150-180tpd 200-240tpd

Calculation basis: CaO content>55%, limestone grain size of 30-70mm, anthracite, product activity>300ml

Indicator parameters of production line

Limestone grain size: 40-80mm (The raw material >80mm can not exceed 5%, <40mm can not exceed 5%)

Fuel: available solid fuels such as coke, bituminous coal, anthracite, briquette. Grain size: 20-40mm for the best

Finished products can be used in metallurgy, construction, agriculture, calcium carbide, environmental protection and chemical industries.

No. Index Unit Value Remarks
1 Effective volume of the kiln m3 100-300  
2 Effective height of the kiln m 15-26  
3 Effective inner diameter of the kiln m 2.5-4.5  
4 Utilization factor of the kiln t/d*m3 0.7-1.1  
5 Calendar work rate % <97  
6 Daily output t/d 100-300  
7 Overburning rate of lime % 5-12%  
8 Limestone consumption t*limestone/t*lime 1.78  
9 Fuel consumption KJ*kg lime <4600  
10 Power consumption KWH/t*lime <15  
11 Exhaust gas temperature <180  
12 Finished lime temperature <80  
13 Exhaust gas concentration Mg/Nm3 <50  
14 Co2 concentration in exhaust gas % 30-42%  


Mainly complete the automatic weighing compensation and control for the processes of mixing, kiln calcining and lime discharging.

(1) Automatic and manual system are both equipped. Except for the manual operation of the on-site operation box, all of them can be controlled by computer operation in the central control room.

(2) The data of all instruments (such as pressure gauge, flow meter, temperature instrument) is displayed on the computer and can be printed by the printer.

(3) Perfect WINCC human-machine interface operating system.

(4) Complete Siemens intelligent weighing module batching, weighing and compensation system.

(5)Reliable lime kiln material level gauges, smart masters and other proprietary equipment.

(6) Perfect on-site camera monitoring system. Real-time live images and central control computer data, accurately grasp every link of the production line.

(7) Reliable Siemens PLC system, inverter and industrial computer two-level microcomputer intelligent system.

(8) Environmentally friendly. According to environment protection policies and production needs, it can be equipped with a soot treatment system and a desulfurization system to achieve legal emission.

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