Industry News

    1. Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

      09 Jan,2020

      Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of crusher independently developed by CHAENG on the basis of summing up the requirements for sandstone aggregates in cement and concrete for more than 60 years.
    1. Precautions for processing of rotary kiln tyre

      30 Dec,2019

      I think many people are interested in casting knowledge, especially the processing of large-scale cast steel rotary kiln tyre. Today, the cast steel manufacturers will tell you about the processing of kiln tyre.
    1. CHAENG steel casting girth gears - process and advantages

      19 Dec,2019

      Girth gear, also called gear ring or gear wheel is large diameter internal ring gears for heavy duty equipment. CHAENG (Great Wall Steel Casting) provides customised girth gear for ball mill and rotary kiln according to customers' drawings.