Customer Benefits


  1. 1. A Cement Plant Solution recover the cost of investing in new production equipment Within three years;
  2. 2.adopt scientific process control and energy management, reduce energy consumption, energy-saving effect is remarkable;
  3. 3.adopt vertical roller mill grinding process,Finished cement production can reach 55 ~ 250 t / h, PC42.5 specific surface area of 3300 ~ 3800 cm² / g, achieve the goal of high yield & high fineness;
  4. 4.Shorten lead times, reduce the time cost.

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1. The full range of services covering, mature & systemic solutions

As a global supplier of grinding system, combined the experience of product design, process control and energy management etc,Great-Wall machinery created a high-quality of overall solution for the Cement industry users. Not only to meet your production needs, but also solve the engineering and maintenance issues perfectly. So you will have more energy to focus on core business, achieve the goals Successfully.

2.Mature production technology

Great Wall Machinery efforts to improve production technology, improve milling quality, the cement production of cement vertical mill is stable and reliable, have the ability to completely replace the cement ball mill.

3. Reducing energy consumption, increasing Milling yield per unit time

Scientific process control and energy management, reduce energy consumption, cement grinding system power consumption is 25 ~ 30 kWh / t, energy-saving effect is remarkable. And with the improved equipment & process of the Great Wall machinery, the efficiency of the mill enhanced, milling yield in unit time also improved.

4. reduce the intensity of manual operation, enhance the stability of the milling process

Mill running without manual operation,real long-term, stable and effective automatic control, make the milling process more stable, Refinement of production operations.

5. low noise and dust concentration

Cement vertical mill uses an internal vacuum system, effectively reducing the dust spills, low dust concentration, can ensure dust emissions targets achieve "cement industrial air pollutant emission standards" (GB4915-2004), noise control in line with "boundary of industrial enterprises of environmental noise emission Standards "(GB12348-2008).

Industry-specific Questions

At present, the domestic cement prevalence of the following questions

1. Traditional equipment energy consumption is too high, do not meet national policy requirements;

2. serious dust pollution, excessive noise of production

3. The original production line covers large , low yields and low productivity.

In the government's 12th Five Year Plan period, the National Development and Reform Commission of cement companies made higher requirements to cement companies: low productivity, high energy consumption, high pollution cement plants will be shut down, encouraged cement plants to adopt advanced technology and equipment, run the operations at scale

Under the new situation, the cement industry put forward new demands for equipment and production lines :

1.response to national policy positively, eliminate the equipment of high energy consumption, using more energy-efficient equipment;

2. Improved production technology and equipment, improve quality, reduce operational costs of existing facilities;

3. Reduce greenhouse gases emissions, reduce dust pollution and noise pollution;

4. Establishment of new production lines, meanwhile optimizing business investment, improve production efficiency.

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