Grinding Station Client's Profit

1.A Grinding Station Averagely three years needed to recover cost of investment on new production machines;

2. Applying the latest technology and techniques, production energy consumption significantly reduced;

3. Initial building cost, operation cost and maintenance cost, if costs including civil engineering, electrical control cabinet, then construction investment is only 70% - 80% of that for ball mill

4. Finished cement production is 55~250 t/h if adopting vertical roller mill grinding process, its PC42.5 cement specific surface area is 3300 ~ 3800 cm²/g, achieved high capacity and ultra fine requirements.

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Program features

1. Vertical mill construction area is 70% of the tube/ball mill

There is a classifier in vertical roller mill, and it is the hot gas conveying material. The dust gas is directly conveyed into powder collection, so vertical mill has simple system and design, low failure rate, high efficiency operation, compact layout, thus it significantly reduces construction area and space, and help enterprise to save land resources effectively.

2. Low noise, about 20 to 25 decibels than ball mill

There is no direct contact between grinding rollers and grinding table, low noise. The noise control meets requirements of Emission Standard of Environmental Noise Control of Industrial Enterprises "(GB12348-2008). It effectively improves the enterprises’ environmental benefits.

3. Low dust concentration meets the National Standard

Vertical mill is sealed and with negative pressure operation, less dust, clean operation environment. The dust emissions data meets requirements of Air Pollution Emission Standards of Cement Industry (GB4915-2004). Dear Mr. Schlitzerm Morrise,

4. Less metal abrasion of Vertical roller mill, low unit loss

As there is no direct contact between metal in the operation, the vertical roller mill has less metal abrasion, compared with the ball mill, the unit loss is reduced greatly. So in operation process, vertical roller mill has low depreciation speed, low consumption, and can effectively improve the operation time and stability, and that has greatly reduced production cost.

5. PC42.5 specific surface area 3300 ~ 3800 cm2/g

It is convenient for vertical mill to adjust the rotational speed and roller pressure, wind speed through separator, also it can adjust product fineness easily. The qualified product will be separated in time, what avoids excessive grinding problem of tube mill. The product size is even, high homogenization degree, excellent quality.

Industry problems

At present, the following questions are popular in domestic grinding factories:

1. High energy consumption, low operation efficiency, do not meet requirements of national policy;

2. Dust pollution problem is outstanding, loud noise;

3. Original product line covers large area, complex production process, complicated parts;

4. Longtime operation equipments, low capacity and poor quality.

During "Twelfth Five-year Plan", National Development and Reform Commission puts forward higher requirement to cement enterprises: low capacity, high energy consumption enterprises will be closed. They encourage advanced technology and equipment, large-scale production. Under the new circumstances, Cement Industry puts forward new requirements on equipment and production lines:

1. Show positive response to national policy, and eliminate excessive energy consumption equipment, but adopt more energy-efficient equipment;

2. Apply advanced technology and equipments, reduce environmental pollution, improve production efficiency;

3. Optimize production structure, lower production costs, and increase profits.

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