The working principle of GRMS slag vertical mill:

The raw materials are fell to the central disc through screw conveyor, then they are moved from centre to the edge of the table by the force of table whirling. The materials are crushed by the roller during this extruding process. Then, the crushed materials are blown up in the edge by the hot air caused by wind ring. The coarse particles will fall to the table and repeat the milling process, while the fine particles are brought to the powder selecting machine. The qualified powder is collected by bag dust collector as final production, which avoiding over-milling condition. Part of the material cannot be blow up and will be sent to external circulating system, re-milling with new feed material after iron-separating process.

The speed of separator controls production fineness. The rotor speed can be stepless adjusted because of variable frequency and speed motor

In the process of hoisting, grinding and falling, the material has completed heat exchange with hot air and keeps evaporating, which controls the moisture of final production.

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Steel slag processing equipment

In recent years, it is became more and more common seen phenomenon that industrial waste, espacially for the production of iron and steel enterprises, pilling up everywhere.The outflowing of large number of steel slag and slag erosion emissions also bring damage to surrounding environment, such as destruction of vegetation or land, water and air pollution and ruining the city appearance.

The steel slag is generally regarded as main industrial waste of Black metallurgy industry. However, If we can deely develop and utilize those slag, the environmental pollution could be eliminated, also it can bring huge economic benefits in concrete and other constructional industries. So, recently, the the steel slag processing equipment vertical mill is widely praised by the slag industry, because its harmless slag and recycling economy.

Xinxiang Great wall Machinery is the largest vertical roller mill manufacturer in China. The GRMS slag vertical mills with different designs and specifications are independently developed and innovated. For example, the model of GRMS33.31, GRMS26.21 and GRMS46.41 are widely used in more than 40 steel slag production projects and obtaining perfect performance, especially for 300,000 t/y steel slag grinding production line, GGBFS production line and 600,000 t/y micro-steel-slag grinding production line.

The steel slag vertical mill, independently designed and manufactured by Great Wall Machinery, is the special equipment for milling water slag, steel slag and other industrial slag into powder size. It is the excellent equipment for producing steel slag powder in the processing of crushing, conveying, grinding and drying. The whole system has High grinding efficiency but less than 43 kwh/t power consumption.

Suitable Business type: cement plant, steel mills plant, grinding plant. etc

Capacity: 200,000 tons ~1,000,000 tons a year

Specific surface area: 4200~4500 cm²/g

Power consumption: ≤43 kWh/t

The advantages:

1.Less 43kwh/t system consumption, obviously electrical saving function

The slag vertical mill system has less consumption of 43kWh/t, saving electricity and running cost for clients.

2.The specific surface area can up to 4200~4500 cm²/g, reliable quality.

The specific surface area is up to 4200~4500 cm - /g, reach the powder requirement of grade two or one, which ensure the customer product quality and benefits for customers

3.Lower coal consumption, higher coal utilization rate

Higher utilization rate saves coal consumption, reduces running cost and benefits for clients.

4.Operation rate up to 85%, safe, stable, reliable

Slag vertical mill owns the advanced verticial technology abroad, and it equipped with latest accessory facilities, which ensure the better protection of the vertical grinding machine. According to a large number of project cases, the operation rate up to 85%, reliable quality.

5.The cost of steel slag powder production line can be recovered in 1~3 years

The application of steel slag powder makes more and more demandings in the market. Investing in steel production line become more and more popular lately because its better market benefits and invest-return rate.

6.The maximum noise does not exceed 85dB(A), the average dust concentration lower than 1 mg/m³

The Slag vertical mill adopts negative pressure inside the system, effectively reduces dust spillover, which ensures that the dust emission targets to achieve the "emission standard of air pollutants for cement industry" (GB4915-2004), in line with national low carbon economy requires.