Industry News

    1. Rotary kiln support roller damage forms

      28 Apr,2020

      The support roller is an important part of the rotary kiln. The quality of the support roller directly affects the operating quality of the rotary kiln.
    1. CHAENG rotary kiln support roller you need

      17 Apr,2020

      CHAENG (Great Wall Casting) has many years of experience in processing and manufacturing rotary kiln spare parts, and is also a large-scale steel casting base in northern Henan. We have introduced advanced casting equipment and process technology from hom
    1. How will the cement plant of the future be?

      15 Apr,2020

      Have you wondered how cement plants will be in the future? For those of us in this industry it is crucial to know what changes there will be, because it may depend our survival, professional success or failure. This is my opinion about the future:
    1. Several problems of ball mill in production practice

      11 Apr,2020

      In the production process of industrial enterprises, the ball mill machine has always been a piece of important equipment, not only a large investment but also its work efficiency directly affects economic efficiency. So it has always been the focus of th
    1. Slag grinding with the Vertical Roller Mill from China

      08 Apr,2020

      Granulated blast furnace slag has been used as an component of blast furnace cement for many years. The replacement of a certain clinker portion by blast furnace slag saves raw materials and thermal energy for pyroprocessing.