Industry News

    1. How much is steel castings per ton?

      04 Apr,2019

      The large steel castings produced by Great Wall Cast Steel are subject to rigorous testing before leaving the factory, and it will only be shipped if they meet all the requirements.
    1. Operating precautions for slag vertical mill

      18 Mar,2019

      An important member of the slag vertical mill type slag treatment equipment, the appearance of the slag vertical mill will turn the slag into a treasure, improve the environment and save resources, and is a major contributor to modern environmental protec
    1. Metallurgical slag pot - the star product of CHAENG

      08 Mar,2019

      The metallurgical slag pot is a special device for receiving slag from a furnace during steel making or iron making. Due to the high temperature, the material and structural requirements of the slag pot are also very strict.
    1. Advantages of CHAENG rotary kiln tyre

      07 Mar,2019

      CHAENG has many years of experience in processing large-scale accessories for rotary kiln. The rotary kiln tyres produced by it have been sold to Henan, Guangxi, Zhejiang and other provinces in China, and have been purchased and used by many well-known ov
    1. How to choose more than 300 t/d vertical roller mill

      01 Mar,2019

      The vertical grinding mill equipment has a grinding fineness of 200-400 mesh, so the general processing material yield is large, and the grinding is not as fine as the Raymond mill, resulting in a decrease in yield.