Active lime production line

 Active lime production line with rotary kiln 

Active lime is one of the most important auxiliary raw material for steel making, and it can improve the quality of the liquid steel, increase output, decrease the steel making consumption and stabilize operation, and can remarkably promote the beneficial efficiency of enterprises. As a director unit of China Lime Association, CHAENG(Great Wall Machinery Co.,Ltd)  can according to client’s requirement, provide clients with EPC services from scientific research report, design, equipment, civil engineering, installation, commissioning to reaching designed standard and output.
Raw material:   limestone
       Capacity:   300-1000t/d 
Equipment configuration: Avtive lime rotary kiln + vertical preheater + vertical cooler

Technological process

Active lime production line with rotary kiln

Technical advantages:

High activity, and good quality: the activity of the finished product can reach 360ml, underfiring and overburning rate <8%,and the quality is uniform.
Advanced technology, energy conservation and environment protection: advanced calcination technology, low energy consumption; temperature of discharged fuel gas < 220℃, which is good for dust collection, and can fully meet the requirements of energy conservation and environment protection;
Large output. The maximum capacity for a single lime prduction line can be 1000t/d.
High degree of automation, and easy operation. Adopt DCS remote control system with high degree of automation.
Client’s site: Guangxi Huayan 2×600 t/d active lime production line
lime rotary kiln