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Nickel Slag Grinding Plant

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Annual Output 20 tons --1.5 million tons
Blaine Fineness 4200-4500 cm²/g
Power Consumption 35-45 kWh/t
 Equipment matching Belt feed+Vibrating screen+Nickel slag vertical mill+hot blast stove+dust collector+warehouse

 CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) can undertake 20 tons --1.5 million tons of Nickel slag grinding plant EPC projects.We can provide EPC- turnkey service including raw material testing, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation & commissioning, operation training and finally achieves the designing capacity and production standard. Our company can provide the service from the proposal designing till the plant running to meet your integrated purchase requirement. Select the CHAENG, to provide you with one-stop service that truly allows you to save time and effort!

Process Description

Forklift will transfer the nickel slag from the slag pile, then the slag will transported to the weighting silo.

during the transportation, the slag will be magnetized and sieved to remove the iron parts.

The pre-processed slag then fed to the vertical mill by the elevator for grinding.

After grinding, the slag will be classified and dried by the hot air generator.

The required nickel powder then to be collected by the dust collector and transferred to the final product ware house by air delivery chute and elevator.

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Technical Parameters

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CHAENG signed the turn-key project of 300,000 tons annual nickel slag grinding production line with Growth Steel Group (Indonesia) on November 2015. This production line is the modified turnkey project with version 2.0 with GRMSS33.31 vertical mill. Currently, this project has finished design, foundation construction and equipment manufacturing, soon we will finish the installation, commissioning and this project supposed to start running on July, 2016.

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Grinding Advantages

1.Reduce the investment cost, with intelligent control

Vertical mill integrated with crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and transporting function with tense structure to save 50% land area when compared with ball mill. The vertical mill can be placed outdoor to lower the investment cost. Equipped with PLC/DCS automatic controlling system.

2.Adjustable fineness

The classifier with high efficiency cage shape rotor can adjust the BET within range 400-550㎡/kg to meet the customer’s requirement.

3.Power consumption no more than 30kwh

The horizontal mill stone and cone shape roller can guarantee the fed material form stable layer to reduce energy consumption, it can save 30-40% energy consumption when compared with ball mill.

4.Environment friendly and Easy to maintain

The vertical mill is in negative-pressure while working, thus no powder leakage to meet environment protection requirement. The overhaul cylinder and the flip rocker make it easy to replace the roller sleeve and liners.

5.Original fittings for the after sales service

Fittings like rollers, rockers etc are all manufactured by our company, the quality is assured to solve the after sales problems.

6.Iron parts recycle profit for one ton slag: CNY360

Our specially designed magnetic parts can make the iron parts recycle percentage to 0.2-0.3%, can gain profit from the recycled iron parts at CNY360 for processing one ton of slag. Besides can extend the wearing parts’ service span.

Investment return

Slag grinding line investment returns analysis

Take our 600,000 t/a GGBFS production line as an example, the total investment of this project is RMB 50 million. It took into production on April, 2011. Within 2 years, all the investments has returned and now is benefits. The investment details list as below:

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Service support

The world's first strategy of "1 vertical mill, 8 services" - let you have no worries all the way.

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