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Manganese Slag Powder Plant

Annual Output 200,000-1,500,000 tons
Grinding material Manganese slag
Blaine Fineness 4200-4500 cm²/g
Equipment matching Belt feed+Vibrating screen+Manganese slag vertical mill+hot blast stove+dust collector+warehouse

 CHAENG (Great Wall Machinery) can undertake 20 tons --1.5 million tons of Manganese slag powder plant EPC projects.We can provide raw material testing , engineering design,equipment manufacturing,install,debugging,technical training,standard production,production contract and "turnkey" service.

CHAENG adhering to the "three heart" service aims to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after-sale and one-stop total service solution!

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Process Description

Forklift will transfer the Manganese slag from the slag pile, then the slag will transported to the weighting silo.

during the transportation, the Manganese slag will be magnetized and sieved to remove the iron parts. The pre-processed slag then fed to the vertical mill by the elevator for grinding.

After grinding, the Manganese slag will be classified and dried by the hot air generator.

The required Manganese slag powder then to be collected by the dust collector and transferred to the final product ware house by air delivery chute and elevator.

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Product advantages

1. Domestic top technology do support large vertical mill

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Manganese slag grinding production line system used in CHAENG won the national patent GRMS46.41 manganese slag vertical mill, vertical milling machine which greatly reduces the power consumption for grinding, grinding noise and construction investment, set drying grinding as a whole, it is one of the devices of the current large-scale manganese slag grinding system widely used


vertical roller mill (1).jpg2. manganese slag powder products are of good quality


Vertical mill slag produced, than the ball mill slag produced particle size distribution, good liquidity.

3. Product specific surface area of 450㎡ / kg or more, high activity

Vertical mill production of manganese slag specific surface area of about 450㎡ / kg, mineral powder 28 days to reach maximum activity play, from the experimental data that the incorporation of mineral powder 28D can improve the cement strength of 15% -20%.

4.20 mg / m³, low dust emissions

CHAENG in slag grinding plant construction is very environmentally conscious, the whole production line of negative pressure production, with a sound of dust, noise reduction means for metering bin blanking, powder and other finished products are made of bag filter dust point to govern , product delivery are used in air slides and bucket elevator, greatly reducing dust emissions and its control in 20mg / m³, far below the national standard Chinese 30mg / m³

5. rationalized, saving investment maintenance costs

In order to save infrastructure investment, designed to meet production requirements under the conditions of the device is disposed in the open air as much as possible, so that not only saves construction costs, but also convenient for the factory in the next production process equipment maintenance.

6.System is easy to operate, save a lot of labor costs.

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Suggestions for the equipment selection

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Detailed Technology

  • 1.Dry slag and wet slag should be put into the mill separately, it can avoid slag agglomerate and decreasing the transmission capacity.
  • 2.External loop system uses embedded scraping machine + elevator + pipe hoist iron remover to reduce dust emissions.
  • 3.Set the flow warehouse (middle warehouse) steady before sending the slag into the vertical mill to improve the stability of vertical mill.
  • 4.Set dust collector on the chute transportation corridor to improve environmental cleaning rate.
  • 5.Add iron elector to achieve iron slag separation and reduce attrition
  • 6.Crush big bite of slags again to improve the material utilization rate.

Project Case

CHAENG already has more than more than 100 customers recently, among them, the capacity of 1 million t/a, 600,000 t/a and 300,000 t/a has occupied more than 80%. Below sheet has show the main equipment specs and parameters of these three capacities.


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Service Support

To ensure that customers and the entire project is completed smoothly, CHAENG pioneered the industry's first "1 vertical mill, eight service" value-added solutions, from pre-production to the final project, the Great Wall machinery to provide full guidance.

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