1. Good news!CHAENG will participate in UZMINGEXPO2019

      25 Mar,2019

      CHAENG will attend UZMINGEXPO2019 as the leading representatives of the producers on the project's approval of the grinding system.We feel very honored and sincerely invite all friends to visit us at the exhibition!!!
    1. CHAENG slag pot for induction furnace

      20 Mar,2019

      The slag pot is mainly used in the blast furnace workshop, the converter workshop, and the refining workshop to hold the high-temperature slag generated during the iron and steel production process. CHAENG can supply various types of cast steel slag pots
    1. Operating precautions for slag vertical mill

      18 Mar,2019

      An important member of the slag vertical mill type slag treatment equipment, the appearance of the slag vertical mill will turn the slag into a treasure, improve the environment and save resources, and is a major contributor to modern environmental protec
    1. Look here, CHAENG will participate in UZMINGEXPO2019

      14 Mar,2019

      CHAENG (Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery Co., Ltd.) will participate in UZMINGEXPO2019. As the main representative of the manufacturer of the grinder system approved by the project, we sincerely invite you to visit our exhibition.