1. In the past 60 years, Entrepreneurial history - CHAENG changes

      06 Sep,2018

      In 2018, we ushered the 60 anniversary of the founding of CHAENG. In the past 60 years, CHAENG has cultivated the domestic market and actively exploited the overseas market, which makes it be a professional integrated supplier of grinding system. CHAENG h
    1. They are the loveliest presence of CHAENG

      04 Sep,2018

      no matter where they are, maybe in workshop for production, maybe in a project site for installation.They sweat out quality products with the spirit of not afraid of suffering to contribute their youth, and they are the Great CHAENG people whom we are pro
    1. History of scientific research - CHAENG Ball mill

      29 Aug,2018

      high-efficiency and energy-saving ball mill:CHAENG’s 60 years of development is also a history of technological innovation. It is the 60th anniversary of CHAENG this year. Please let’s review the history of technological innovation of CHAENG and explore