1. Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln‎ Design Process

      09 May,2020

      Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln designs and methods of operation (technology) differ in: a) the manner in which fuel is used to bring the stone to the required temperature, and b) the conditions which the stone is subjected to during the course of being fired.

      07 May,2020

      CHAENG launches the services of viewing the factory on VR video, which breaks through the time and geographical restrictions, so that customers can visit the factory and experience products and services as if they were on site.
    1. Rotary kiln support roller damage forms

      28 Apr,2020

      The support roller is an important part of the rotary kiln. The quality of the support roller directly affects the operating quality of the rotary kiln.
    1. CHAENG rotary kiln support roller you need

      17 Apr,2020

      CHAENG (Great Wall Casting) has many years of experience in processing and manufacturing rotary kiln spare parts, and is also a large-scale steel casting base in northern Henan. We have introduced advanced casting equipment and process technology from hom
    1. How will the cement plant of the future be?

      15 Apr,2020

      Have you wondered how cement plants will be in the future? For those of us in this industry it is crucial to know what changes there will be, because it may depend our survival, professional success or failure. This is my opinion about the future:
    1. CHAENG EPC turnkey Sandstone aggregate production line project

      13 Apr,2020

      Based on the waste stone which is generated by building the ten thousand acres artificial lake in Huixian, and combined with the river sand mining remediation, the sandstone production base comes into being. The production line is constructed by CHAENG. T