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1000 t/d Cement Production Line

Low investment, short construction period, and fast standard achieved, the 1000tpd new dry process cement production line carries out the overall design concept which combines raw material preparation and clinker calcining together. Raw material preparation is done in vertical mill, while the waste gas from kiln can be reused by the vertical mill for drying raw material. Thus it fully saves a lot of energy. This cement manufacturing line runs well and brings good economic benefit to the enterprises.

1. Simple and smooth process, compact layout
This new dry process cement production line uses three mills and one burning system. Kiln exhaust gas enters humidifier tower first, and then enters into fan, which is contrary to traditional ways. It not only saves a lot of duct investment, but also compact the layout.

2. Energy saving and power consumption reduction
All materials are conveyed mechanically in order to reduce conveying power consumption. Utilization rate of cooling water cycle in the cement production plant is more than 90%. The use of exhaust gas from kiln can save more than 4,000 tons coal per year.

3. High automation
1000t/d new dry process cement production line adopts PLC control system. The system has a reasonable investment, and is very practical, advanced and reliable. It can realize distributing control functions. The operator is able to control and command production process just in the central control room.

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