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3000 t/d Cement Production Line

Chaeng provides turnkey basis service globally with everything that cement plants need. We provide service include engineering, manufacturing, procurement, installation, debugging and training for 3000 t/d cement production line project. The equipment is composed of the low-resistance and high-efficiency five-stage preheating and decomposition system, dry process φ4×60m rotary kiln, inflatable beam grate cooler, advancedvertical roller mill grinding system and DCS automatic control system.

Application Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plant
Annual Output 900,000 tons
Process Type New Dry Process
Blaine Fineness 3300-3800 cm²/g

1. Vertical Mill for Raw Material Preparation
Raw material preparation in the cement production line uses GRMR40.41 vertical mill that developed by Chaeng. GRMR40.41 vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment with these advantages: simple process, strong drying ability, safe and reliable operation, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, easy maintenance and short debugging cycle, etc.

2. Clinker Burning System with Lower Energy and Heat Consumption
This cement production line adopts advanced raw preheating and precalcining system, reducing the heat consumption and energy consumption effectively in clinker calcined phase. The clinker has better performance, and is easier to grind. Exhaust gases from the preheater enters into the mill, which both saves energy and reduces environmental pollution.

3. Efficient Cement Mill Producing High Quality Cement
The specific surface of cement produced by cement ball mill φ4.2×13m is 3300-3800 cm²/g, which meets even beyond the common standard. In the process of using, the cement has the advantage of quick hydration reaction and fast strength development.

4. Good Pollution Control, Greening of Factory.
The 3000t/d cement production line fully considers waste and dust treatment in the design process. We install bag filter and electrical deduster in the main stage of dust treatment, reducing the dust in the air effectively. The whole factory area is fully greening, bringing a good working condition.


No. Product Model Specification QTY Capacity
1 Single stage hammer crusher   Feeding size <1200×900×900mm
product size <70mm R95%
motor: 600kW
1 400 t/h
2 Cantilever stoker     1 500 t/h
3     Bridge-type scraping reclaimer 1 250 t/h
4 Raw Meal Vertical roller mill   feeding size: <75mm
product fineness: <12% R90
feeding moisture: max.6.5%
product moisture: <0.5%
motor: ~2000kW
1 200 t/h
5 Kiln and electric dust collector of raw mill   Air volume: ~480000m³/h
Dust collect area: ~161m2
Inlet temperature: 100~150 ℃
Inlet dust: <80g/Nm3
Outlet dust: <70mg/Nm3
6 Five-stage Preheater and precalciner   C1: 2-Φ4500mm
C2, C3: Φ6460mm
C4, C5: Φ6760mm
predecomposition: Φ5060mm
differential pressure: <5500Pa
gas temperature of outlet.: 320 ℃
1set 2500 t/d
7 Rotary kiln Φ4.2×60m Kiln pitch: 4%
Rotate speed: 0.4~4r/min.
motor: 450kW
1 2500 t/d
8 Grate cooler   Effective area: ~62.m2
clinker temperature of inlet: ~1350 ℃
clinker temperature of outlet: 65 ℃
discharging size: <25mm
heat efficiency: >72%
9 Electric dust collector of grate cooler   Air volume: 315000m3/h
Dust collect area: ~103.5m2
Air temperature of inlet: 220~350 ℃
Dust content of inlet: <20g/Nm3
Dust content of outlet: <70mg/Nm3
10 Gypsum crusher   Feeding size: <500mm
Product fineness:<25mm
motor: 110kW
1 70 t/h
11 Cement mill Φ4.2×12.5m Feeding size: <25mm
Product fineness: 3200cm2/g
Rotate speed: 15.8r/min.
motor: 3000kW
12 Classifier O-Sepa, N-2500 Feeding capacity: max. 360t/h
Air volume: 2500m3/min.
Motor : 130kW
  80~120 t/h
13 Packing in bulk SZ-2 Output: ~200(per set) 4  
14 8 Nozzles Fixed Packing Machine   Output: 100(per set) 2  


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