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1500 t/d Cement Production Line

The new dry process cement production line with a capacity of 1500t/d built by Chaeng adopts scientific production technology on design and new advanced equipment, in order to improve equipment level of the production line and achieve design index.

Application Cement Plant, Thermal Power Plant
Annual Output 450,000 tons
Process Type New Dry Process
Blaine Fineness 3300-3800 cm²/g

1. Powerful Crush, Scientific Stockpiling
The new dry process cement production line with capacity of 1500t/d, build by our company, is rationally equipped with advanced equipment for grinding the majority of raw materials. The limestone will be crushed in a TKPC16.18 single-section hammer crusher, whose feeding size is 800 mm, production capacity is 250t/h, and annual utilization rate is 25.51%.
This cement production line design adopts scientific material piling and taking technology, to achieve the initial raw material homogenization. Thus the stock ground has the function of both storage and homogenization.

2. Low Energy Consumption in Grinding, Reasonable Homogenization
The energy consumption in cement grinding process accounts for more than 60% of the whole production line, therefore, it has great significance in ensuring product quality and reducing energy consumption by using high efficiency and energy saving GRM series vertical roller mill to deal with all kinds of material.
The cement plant machinery is equipped with φ15×50mMF homogenization silo which integrates raw meal storage and homogenization. The raw material reserve is 6500t, with 2.86d storage life.

3. Preheating before Calcination, High Efficiency and Energy Saving
Raw materials are sent into a φ3.5×54m rotary kiln to be calcined after preheating and precalcining in the cyclone preheater. That is conducive to improving the production efficiency of kiln system, shortening rotary kiln length, and reducing the heat consumption of clinker calcining.

4. Energy Saving in Grinding, Easy Operation
Clinker grinding equipment in our 1500t/d cement production line uses GRMK40.41 (2 + 2) cement vertical mill developed by our company. It makes use of exhaust stem from preheater outlet (300-330) as the drying heat source. Cement vertical roller mill has the characteristics of simple technological process, safe and reliable operation, high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, less maintenance, and short debugging cycle, etc.


Flowsheet Product Model Specification
Limestone Crush Apran Feeder B1250×1150mm Feed size: 800m
Power: 30kW
Output: 350t/h
Hammer Crusher TKPC16.18 Feed size: 800mm
Discharged Particle size: ≤25mm
Power: 350kW Output: 250t/h
Limestone Homogenizing Stacker   Stack Capacity: 600t/h
Reclaiming capacity: 250t/h
Raw Material Grinding Vertical Roller Grinding Mill GRMR30.31 Feed size: ≤50mm
Final product: 12%-15%≥80μm
Moisture: ≤7%
Power: 1000kW
Output: 120t/h
Conditioning tower φ7.5×26m Blast capacity: 400000m³/h
Feed side: 340 ℃
Discharged side: 150-200 ℃
High temperature fan   Quantity of flow: 400,000m³/h
Total head: 7500Pa
Temperature: 340 ℃
Power: 1250kW
Preheat & Calciner system Cylone Preheater
Calciner furnace
1 C1: 2-Φ4300mm
C2: 1-Φ5600mm
C3: 1-Φ5600mm
C4: 1-Φ5900mm
C5: 1-Φ5900mm
Calciner: Φ6300mm
Calcining system Rotary kiln φ3.5×54m Capacity: 1500t/d
Pitch: 3.5%
Rotating speed: 0.396-3.96
Power: 220kW
Cooling system Inflatable beam grate cooler LBTF1700 Capacity: 1500t/d
Effective area: 61.8m²
Clinker grinding Cement Vertical Roller Grinding mill GRMK40.41 Blain test: 3300-3800cm²/kg
Power: 2500kW
Output: 115-125t/h
Cement packing Rotating packing machine ×2   Weight Measuring: ±0.25kg/bag
Packing Capacity: 90t/h
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